People always ask me how I edit my images so fast- the secret is that I do it in Photoshop. In this course, I teach you my exact process of editing… which, by the way, starts with your camera settings! I walk you though my editing process step-by-step.

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Manual Mode Quick Start, only $9!
This masterclass is the first step to learning manual mode! Learn exactly what all the manual mode terms mean like ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture.

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  Step-by-Step Editing Edit with me! I have included the images I took with this course so you can follow along and edit with me. We will correct lighting and colors. We will also remove bumps, scrapes and bruises as well as buildings from the background.

Getting Started in Photoshop what programs I use, how to get them the cheapest, and where to buy.

Photoshop Basics I will help you set your camera up (yes, the editing process starts in camera,) and show you an overview of Photoshop and it's tools. 

  Photoshop Highlights Some of my favorite things I don't want you miss when using Photoshop!

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  • Mastering Manual Mode Quick Start$9

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